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Great Resources

Wine Business Solutions is a superb resource for everyone in the wine industry. Click on https://winebusinesssolutions.com.au/papers/

The above link privides access to the whole range of papers produced by Wine Business Solutions but a great start comes from the following which are especially beneficial to the wine export trade.


The Wine Paper 18 – Nov 2011 (PDF 3 MB) Contents…

  1. Export or Die?
  2. Selling to the Home Market
  3. Protecting Premium Wine Brands
  4. The Top Ten Tips for Building a Better Wine Business





The Wine Paper 29 – Jan 2014 (PDF 488 kB) Contents…

  1. On Herding Cats
  2. Laddering Up
  3. Fighting to Win
  4. The Top Ten Tips for Building a Better Wine Business






The Wine Paper 32 – Sep 2014 (PDF 1,020 kB) Contents…

  1. Four Myths about Innovation
  2. Cost as Competitive Advantage
  3. Differentiation as Competitive Advantage
  4. Other Sources of Competitive Advantage
  5. The Top Ten Tips for Building a Better Wine Business




The Wine Paper 34 – Jan 2015 (PDF 3 MB) Contents…

  1. The Golden Age of Wine in the US?
  2. What’s Hot and What’s Not?
  3. What can we Learn from the US market?
  4. The Top Ten Tips for Building a Better Wine Business


    The issue for New Zealand is that so far, they have been seeking to grow their market upside down. Off-Premise has been the primary focus. Their importers told them what the price had to be without insight into what the consumer was actually prepared to pay. The consequence of that is that in Safeway today, you can see Cloudy Bay at $24, Dog Point at $14 and Villa Maria at $9. The entire category is $5+ a bottle off both the global price average and what the market is prepared to pay for inferior local product. In order to turn this around, New Zealand needs to come up with an effective Direct to Consumer strategy and use this to help seed the On-Premise.




The Wine Paper 41 – August 2016 – To Export or not to Export?


Distributors need to understand who your brand is for and why they would want it. They then need to see evidence that the brand works. They need to understand who you are deeply. Export is a long term game based on relationships, built on trust. Trust comes from being professional - honest, responsive and reliable. Finally, you want to be able to articulate a clear strategy for how you want to build the brand. Brand building gets talked about a lot but, in my experience, very few people understand it. Having the right conversation about how you intend to do this with the right importer will take you a long way down the path towards success. 





The Wine Paper 44 – March 2017 – Future Strategy for Australia, New Zealand and South Africa


New Zealand’s edgier producers, out of Waipara, Nelson and Canterbury etc., have been highly effective at leveraging the buzz around these events to build trade following. They are at the forefront of revitalising interest in the New Zealand wine category. 

Many lead edge producers have turned to natural wine making methods. This has the dual benefit of stripping down some of those flavours whilst adding more ‘interesting’, nuanced ones. New Zealand white wines can handle that far better than most Australian white wines can. 


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